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About Us

Bangladesh Youth First Concerns (BYFC) was formed in 1995 as a Christian humanitarian and development organisation to address the needs of young people and to help them find employment. A group of professionals, Christian business people, clergymen and youth leaders of many churches founded BYFC. With an initial encouragement from a similar Christian organisation, Bangladesh Youth First Concerns launched its operation in assisting poverty stricken people, school dropouts and unemployed youths in their quest for a meaningful life and to earn a living for their basic needs.

BYFC started its operation by hosting seminars on awareness building, anti- drug and narcotics education, skill development for income generation and disaster preparedness activities. We have been focusing our developmental activities in an integrated manner for more socially and environmentally sound transformation in the years to come. The main target of BYFC is youth groups in local communities. Through organising seminars, workshops, youth camps and development programs BYFC seeks to prepare the youths for the responsibilities of family life, citizenship, working spirit, and moral values. We do this by providing training on awareness building, better living and other development activities for a desired life style.

Our Vision

To help every young person in every people group in having the opportunity to be an ideal witness of love of our Lord and develop fellowship of service to help them attain a significantly meaningful and abundant life.

Our Mission

To mobilise and inspire the youth groups to organise themselves in leading a moral and socially acceptable life presenting them with the love and ideals of our Lord and disciplining them so as to help them become responsible members of the local communities. We urge the young people to live a disciplined life free from all social evils and remaining far away from the damaging addiction of drugs and narcotics.

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