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BYFC Center
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BYFC Center -- First Floor

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The primary uses for this floor include an extensive clinic and guest rooms. Each floor has two different independent units offering the flexibility to be used separately for different purposes in the future. Currently, our plan is to use the two units for two different purposes.

First, the left unit will be used as a Mother and Child Care Center for the outdoor poor and destitute patients of the area. The objective of this Center is to provide high quality medical and counseling services to the poorest people of Bangladesh. These people get referred to BYFC from all over Bangladesh. Trained doctors, nurses, and counselors will be appointed to attend to the mothers' and childrens' needs. They will be provided free counseling and treatment with free medicine being perscribed to the very poor.

Drug addicted youth will be given free counseling by trained people in this center before and after their treatment. The medical clinic will provide medical care for others in the area for minimal or no cost.

The second unit, on the right, will be used as a guest room for BYFC conference speakers and trainers. In addition, it will be rented to other organisations who need accommodation. Churches, NGO training resources, and semina speakers are the most likely users. Three bedrooms, two attached with toilets, and a kitchen is available in this part of the building.


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