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BYFC Center -- Fourth Floor

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The fourth floor of the BYFC Center is designed specifically for conference and seminars. It has a very large room (larger than 26 x 43 feet) which will provide space for over 175 participants. The room will be equipped with modern lighting and sound equipment.

The Seminar Room will be completely air conditioned. The three adjacent Confernece Rooms can hold approximately 40 participants in each. These rooms will be air conditioned also and have audio-visual facilities.

An information area/booth is planned and will be ajacent to the Seminar Room. This will provide seiminar leaders opportunities to break out into groups and display materials pertinent to their training topic.

A small library with necessary reference books, magazines, and other reading material will be available on this floor for trainers, lectureres, trainees, and participants. To help with costs, BYFC will provide for a fee the necessary administrative support services from this floor as well, like telephones, computeres, email, Internet, copiers, and television.


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