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Health and Drug Education Programs

While intervening on health issues of our group members, BYFC undertook a massive health education and awareness program to raise basic health awareness amongst its group members and the surrounding public in general. Considering the increasing number of drug addicts in our project area, prevention of drug abuse was included as an item in our health awareness program.


BYFC is presently running five (5) Drug Awareness Centres in rural areas where no other health delivery system is absent. BYFC Present Program Treatment and Rehabilitation program for Drug & Narcotics Addicts.

  • Prevention Program
  • Conduct Motivation Program
  • Vocational Training
  • Volunteer Training &
  • Regional Education and Drug awareness Program.

BYFC programs give priority to the patients who belong to lower income groups but there are no restrictions on any patient based upon social, economic, cast or creed.

Besides working with young people with drug problems, BYFC since 1995 has provided specific programs in awareness raising, institution building, savings & micro-credits, functional literacy and health education activities in seven (7) stations spreading all over Bangladesh. Working particularly among the youth, BYFC, during 1995-2001, brought a total number of 40,000 young people under the Drug Awareness Program to educate and motivate them on the grave consequences of the drugs on normal health and life.

Working with mostly college and university students including schools and Madrasshas, these huge numbers of students have volunteered to keep themselves away from any habits of smoking and drugs.

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