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HIV / AIDS Prevention Efforts


Bangladesh Youth First Concerns (BYFC) is desiring to expand our already very successful Drug Awareness Program to include the provision for prevention and treatment of STDs and HIV / AIDS patients.

Many HIV/AIDS experts believe that the AIDS pandemic is about to explode in Bangladesh like a time bomb. New cases of HIV infection might double this year. Growth at this rate will lead to over 1 million infected individuals in just 15 years. According to the World Bank Group, the first cases of AIDS in India were reported just 15 years ago. Now there are an estimated 4-5 million people infected in that country with the number of new infections doubling every 14 months. Denial of the threat of HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh, and insufficient preventative action, could lead to a full-blown, countrywide epidemic.

BYFC has developed a unique program to address the problem and is seeking funding to develop mechanisms to mobilize and implement peer education and other human resources for HIV/AIDS prevention interventions in Bangladesh (Dhaka, Khulna, and Chittagong).

The funds would be used to recruit, train, supply, and mobilize qualified peer educators, administrators, and medical staff in establishing three HIV/AIDS centers focusing on STD and HIV/AIDS prevention education. The centers would have human support costs, facility rent, training materials, and technology costs. From these centers, BYFC will utilize Peer Education as a critical component of our proposed interventions. As the project is currently designed, over the three years, we anticipate being able to have direct impact with over 77,000 persons in three different cities at a cost of service of $3.78 per person.

To explore our vision and learn more about the project details, click on the menu items on the left side of this webpage. Please contact us if you have any questions or desire to speak about this further!


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