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HIV / AIDS Prevention: Organisational Capacity


Bangladesh Youth First Concerns, BYFC, is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh, under the Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulations Rules 1978, Registration No: 1266 dated May 27, 1998. BYFC is also member nation of YFC International ( based out of Denver, Colorado.

BYFC launched its operation in assisting poverty stricken people, school dropouts and unemployed youths in their quest for a meaningful life and to earn a living for their basic needs. This expanded to hosting seminars on building drug awareness, anti-drug and narcotics education, and skill development for income generation and disaster preparedness activities.

Besides working with young people with drug problems, BYFC since 1995 has provided specific programs in drug awareness, institution building, savings & micro-credits, functional literacy and health education activities in seven (7) centers spreading all over Bangladesh including the three cities that BYFC has pre-selected for this HIV/AIDS program. Working particularly among the youth population, BYFC, during 1995-2001, brought a total number of 40,000 young people under the Drug Awareness Program to educate and motivate them on the consequences of drug abuse to normal health and life.

In addition to our Drug Awareness Program, BYFC works directly with over 4000 people we call "beneficiaries" with most of these being women in the rural context. We help educate them in the socio-economic contexts that they live in and offer them non-formal education, savings practices and skill development training to make them able to develop some alternative skill to supplement earnings in the families.

To explore our vision and learn more about the project details, click on the menu items on the left side of this webpage. Please contact us if you have any questions or desire to speak about this further!


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