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Background and Rationale
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Project Design and Implementation
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HIV / AIDS Prevention: Project Design and Implementation


Activities will take place in three centers across Bangladesh. The centers will be located in Dhaka, Khulna, and Chittagong. Through these targeted educational and peer group efforts, awareness and motivational activities can be carried out among a large number of university, college and Madreassha students, youth clubs, rickshaw-pullers, slum dwellers, and young people. In addition, we intend to conduct awareness and motivational activities among the members of the civil society, civil administration, law enforcement agencies, local level elected members, women organizations, youth organizations, local NGOs and other general people.

Counseling and Peer Educator Selection, Training, and Materials Development Activities

  • Preparation for counselor services; Trainee selection; Training materials development; Manual development with relevant modules; Training of trainees within BYFC
  • Training for social workers, health workers and other NGOs having similar efforts.

STD and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Activities:

  • HIV/AIDS orientation & education of 23,760 University, college, youth clubs and Madrassha students.
  • HIV/AIDS orientation & education of 19,800 Transport workers (rickshaw-pullers, bus and truck drivers).
  • HIV/AIDS orientation & education of 15,840 people living in slums in 3 major cities.
  • HIV/AIDS orientation & education of 7,920 youth groups/clubs members.

To explore our vision and learn more about the project details, click on the menu items on the left side of this webpage. Please contact us if you have any questions or desire to speak about this further!


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