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HIV / AIDS Prevention: Goals and Objectives


The goal of the project is to increase the knowledge and understanding of reproductive health issues, STD's, and HIV/AIDS among young people so that they choose to modify their behaviors to eliminate the current, prevalent high-risk behaviors. We will do this in three urban cities of Bangladesh with a goal to reduce the spread of STD's and HIV/AIDS in these areas.

Our currently listed objectives:

  • To educate students, transport workers, people living in slum conditions and other young people on the basic health maintenance practices and the damaging consequences of HIV and AIDS.
  • To provide enabling informational support to those affected and those influencing the context.
  • To provide appropriate support systems to enable reduced risk behaviors including provision of condoms, STD services, and clean injecting materials/methods.
  • To support an enabling environment to include advocacy amongst those who contribute to the risk-generating situation, to include methods of legal redress to sustain human rights.
  • To gain a better understanding of factors that contribute to high-risk activities and risk-generating situations and share with other NGO's.

To explore our vision and learn more about the project details, click on the menu items on the left side of this webpage. Please contact us if you have any questions or desire to speak about this further!


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